Frontman (c) Liam Brazier 2012Infinitely talented British illustrator and animator Liam Brazier first came to our attention via his mind-blowing three dimensional images of superheros such as Batman and Spider-Man, which we profiled on Fotorater last year.

So, we were pleased to find out that, while Avengers Assemble continues to smash box office records, Liam has been hard at work recreating the characters featured in Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie.

Though Liam’s created a three dimensional picture of the main protagonists together (even Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye gets in on the action), and there’s the notable absence of a picture of Thor (who we think should have his own image, as he’s the best Marvel character, right?), the image that really grabbed our attention is the striking visual of Captain Americacreated using a plethora of multi-coloured polygonal shapes, a trait of Brazier’s work. It really is an incredible piece of work.

Courtesy of Liam Brazier, you can see the Avengers Assemble in 3D below, and click here to see Liam’s other work >>


Ateam (c) Liam Brazier 2012

Frontman (c) Liam Brazier 2012

Manmade (c) Liam Brazier 2012

Madman (c) Liam Brazier 2012