Men in Black 3Nothing will ever match the excitement we felt while busting some moves on the dancefloor to Will Smith’s “Men in Black” during the summer of ’97, so we’ll always have a soft spot for the Men in Black films, even if the second outing wasn’t the greatest film we’ve ever seen.

Hopefully the third installment – for which the official trailer has just been released – in the MIB franchise will make amends, with the always excellent Josh Brolin joining the cast as a young Agent K, as the new Men in Black goes all “Back to the Future” on us.

In Men in Black 3 (it’s 3D, you know), Will Smith’s Agent J will be traveling back in time in an attempt to save Agent K and the whole of mankind, and from what we’ve seen in the official trailer, it looks like there will be some genuine laughs to be had, unlike in the second movie (we jest).

Watch the official Men in Black 3 trailer below: