Michael Fassbender in Prometheus (c) 20th Century Fox 2012

At last year’s Oscars there appeared to be a significant oversight, to say the least: namely the absence of leading man du jour Michael Fassbender from the Best Actor nominations.

Despite his brilliant performance as sex addict Brandon in British director and artist Steve McQueen’s critically-acclaimed Shame, Fassbender (who was nominated for or won practically every other major acting gong going) was overlooked by the Oscar voting committee. It was wrong, to say the least. Look up injustice in an online dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of Michael Fassbender alongside it.

Beyond undergoing a body metamorphosis, Fassbender’s commitment to the role of Brandon was on a par with anything the likes of Brando, De Niro, or latter day talented actors such as Guy Pearce (Memento) or Christian Bale (The Fighter) has ever exhibited on the big screen. Like with all his roles, Fassbender lived and breathed the character in a mesmerising portrayal of a troubled, restless individual that clearly warranted attention, and got it – just not the Oscar it truly deserved.

Showing that you can’t keep a good man down, the chameleon-like Fassbender has since been seen in Haywire, A Dangerous Method and now Prometheus, stealing the show in every film. And before that he delivered strong performances in Eden Lake, Fish Tank, Hunger (another role he should have got an Oscar nod for) and Inglourious Bastards. But, it’s his performance as David in that should see the German-born Irish actor finally pick up the golden gong his stellar acting work truly deserves. It is nothing short of flawless. And given that it’s a performance that will be seen by a mass audience, it seems impossible to conceive that next year’s Best Actor Oscar nominations won’t feature Fassbender’s name among the chosen few.

Fassbender’s performance in Shame could have quite easily been a once in a lifetime performance that saw him pique then disappear from our screens, but in his portrayal of the robot David, a seemingly meek and subservient robot with a dark agenda, Fassbender has created one of those onscreen performances that will be remembered for years to come.

Ridley Scott, similar to other directors, clearly favours Fassbender, with his character David receiving some of the best lines in the film. And he delivers them with aplomb, simultaneoulsy making you laugh while sending a shiver down your spine.

Before Prometheus, people were already talking about Fassbender (some for his acting, others for “physical” reasons) reason but it’s hard to believe the unconverted won’t be in agreement that as David, Michael Fassbender has finally found the role that not only  showcases his innumerable talents to a global audience but will give him a proper shot at winning the Best Actor Oscar he so richly deserves.

Do you agree? Is Fassbender’s performance as David the robot overrated, or is will it lead to him finally getting the Academy Award for Best Actor?