Jack ReacherLet’s take a moment to forget about all of the press coverage of Tom Cruise’s divorce from Katie Holmes, and instead take some time to appreciate the guy for what he does best: making great action movies. Mission Impossible 4 was one of them, and Jack Reacher, for which the official trailer has just been released, looks set to be another.

Key things we’ve noticed about the trailer:

- The music sounds a bit like the theme tune to Mission Impossible, which is no bad thing.

- Tom Cruise looks amazing for a a 50-year-old guy.

- Jack Reacher v Jason Bourne would be an amazing fight.

- Reacher drives a Chevrolet Chevelle SS. That’s a very cool – especially if you’re a petrol head like we are.

We are yet to read a Jack Reacher novel (actually, we haven’t read a novel for ages, anyway), but as the film version doesn’t hit UK and Ireland cinema screens until December the 26th, we may some time to familiarise ourselves with the ways of this former US military police major.

The official trailer’s below – enjoy!