Time Out London is looking to hire more digital people. We are looking for experienced PHP developers to be responsible for our key digital applications and platforms.

We want experienced developers with really strong software engineering skills. You should know how to build great software really well, and you should be able to guide and mentor others. If you have some experience of line management or are looking to do some of that, then that’s a useful bonus.

There is an emphasis on working collaboratively with other developers and QAs, and with people outside the development team: Project Managers, Product Managers, senior stakeholders, and more.

We value highly a commitment to strong software engineering, and Symfony 2 is an important part of our work. Therefore as a filtering mechanism we will only consider candidates who match at least one of the following criteria:

●     2-3 years experience of Symfony 1.4 or later. We will quiz you on this.

●     1 year experience of Symfony 2. We will quiz you on this.

●     2-3 years experience of the Zend framework. We will quiz you on this.

●     1 year experience of Java, Spring and Hibernate. We will quiz you on this.

●     Meaningful contribution to the open source community. We will need links to your contributions and use that as part of our evaluation.

Additionally 2 or more years experience of an OO language other than PHP is an advantage.

Given all that, the ideal candidate will have…

●     Excellent knowledge and experience of object oriented PHP

●     A good grounding in MVC, plus experience of modern PHP frameworks

●     Good understanding of source code control systems, especially git.

●     Strong experience with MySQL

●     Demonstrably using tools and techniques which produce reliable software

●     Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Linux

●     Excellent communication skills, particularly face-to-face

●     Strength in working within and adhering to an agreed process

●     Collaborative

●     Excellent teamworking capability

●     Potential capability to lead a team of multidisciplinary technologists

●     Willingness to work beyond your core skillset

●     Focus on delivering value

Please send a CV and cover note, including your current and intended salary, to digitaljobs@timeout.com please also make sure you put ‘PHP’ in the subject box.