Roxie LSThese days, new artists are finding it harder than ever to carve out their niche into the over-crowded world of modern music. The internet has revolutionised the music industry, meaning the simple click of a button can start a race around cyber-space, taking an unknown song to the screens of thousands in less time than it would take you to get off the sofa and pick up the phone.

Yes, the internet is a wonderful marketing tool, but the irony of its power is that the ease of promoting yourself to thousands around the world means that a mass chaos of newcomers get lost within the realms of the internet during their search for a spotlight that, ultimately, isn’t that big. So, how do these fresh new artists find the nice that will separate them from the mess of up-and-comers? Well, why not find a specific target audience to aim your talent at to get you started. That’s exactly what singer/songwriter Roxie LS has done, and it seems to be doing the trick.

Roxie is a musician from London with a lengthy background in music. She trained as a classical violinist from the age of seven, studying at a specialist music school up until her departure to Music College in London where she continued her studies as a classical musician. While at college, she studied a split curriculum of classical repertoire and music technology, as well as classes in orchestration and composition. After graduating, she spent several months working for a sports publication and became a self-confessed “surf addict”.

Roxie LS

Having been in studio sessions for the past year trying to culminate the aspects of her life into a unique and identifiable sound, Roxie finally found her niche between her love for surfing and passion for music technology. Inspired by the likes of Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter, both of whom generate their musical motivation from a passion of surfing, Roxie has targeted her music at ocean lovers and water-sports fanatics in a bid to connect with like-minded people. The singer has released two music videos (which she made herself) that are cut from classic surf movies, vintage footage and water-related clips.

Although the hobby plays a significant role in the artist’s visual representation, she actually considers her interest in music technology to be a more poignant attribute to her music. Her mix of acoustic and synthesized instruments creates the basis of her signature sound, and her recent cover videos reveal an ability to incorporate interesting equipment into her live performances. The covers are actually ‘mash-ups’ of popular hits by contrasting artists, and the tracks have been recorded, mixed and performed by the artist herself in an effort to showcase her knowledge in music technology.

Since releasing her first video less than two months ago, Roxie has acquired a respectable following and is receiving an increasing interest in her videos and tracks every day.

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