Roxie LSAt this point last year, American singer Elizabeth Woolridge Grant was unknown to the wider public. But, that swiftly changed following the overwhelming success of the YouTube video for her single Video Games, resulting in Grant, aka Lana Del Rey, becoming a household name and one of the finest examples of how social media has the power to make or break a musician’s career. If it’s happened once, it can happen again. So, who will be next?

One artist who we think has what it takes to follow in Del Rey’s footsteps is British-born singer-songwriter, Roxie LS – a self-professed surfing fan who happens to be blessed with a rather splendid voice. Roxie’s self-created YouTube videos, coupled with her memorable tunes, are causing people to situp and take notice of this talented 22-year-old. Fotorater is backing her to go far!

What gives her the edge? Multifaceted Roxie has complete control over the sound of her musical output, thanks to a background in classical music and having studied music technology at university. As a result, she can play practically any musical instrument out there, including the piano, violin, ukulele and bass guitar. And, of course, the girl can sing. Oh boy, can she sing!

As if that wasn’t enough, Roxie also creates videos for her songs by mixing together footage from classic surfing videos. And keeping with the surfing theme, she cites Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter as inspirations.

Ultimately, it’s the quality of the music and the appeal of the artist that matters: the quality of Roxie’s self-penned “He’s the One”, along with her stunning good looks makes for a musician with genuine commercial appeal. And a recent surge in her YouTube views demonstrates we’re not the only one’s who see great things for the surfer girl from London.

Could “He’s the One” be Roxie’s “Video Games” moment? Check out the video below and see for yourself.



Fotorater’s personal favourite – He’s the One: