LEDs light show

As huge fans of things that glow in the dark, we’ve been massively impressed by Coldplay’s use of light effects, glowbands and Neon graffiti during their Mylo Xyloto world tour. That said, we think Chris Martin and co might have a serious rival for the “Best use of light effects” award (if there is such a thing) after seeing The Black Keys’ incorporation of “pixels light” into their performance of “Everlasting Light” at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal, Canada.

Moment Factory, a Montreal-based multimedia company who have created light effects for the tours of Madonna and Usher, are the guys we have to thank for this moment of genius – where hundreds of pixels of light poured onto the large crowd watching The Black Keys’ headline performance.

From watching the video below, you’ll see that it turns out to be something that is really quite special, creating a moment that truly unifies the crowd with the music. To describe it as life-affirming would be an understatement. UK festival organisers, please take note!

Via theawesomer.com and Moment Factory

Pixels Rain at Osheaga 2012 from Moment Factory on Vimeo.