Four years ago, I approached light painting photographer Mark Brown about the possibility of us collaborating on a project together.

As a fan of cars and a trained photography myself, I had always seen a natural relationship between the automotive and arts worlds (I mean, cars are art, right?), and so the Light Graffiti Cars were born.

Since we launched the first Light Graffiti Cars in 2009, they’ve gone on to rack up millions of hits, featuring on the websites of Top Gear, Jalopnik, MSN, Auto Express, Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, to name a few.

Earlier this year we had planned to audition for a famous TV show, but due to circumstances beyond our control (I had to drop out due to work commitments and my determination to honour a promise to a friend), that never happened. Despite this, Mark went ahead and developed the Light Graffiti Cars as a live show, something he’s still fine tuning, but you can see the first of “many videos” below.

Stay tuned – the end result is amazing!