Light graffiti exhibitionLater this year Fotorater will collaborate with some of the world’s leading light graffiti artists to launch the first ever major international exhibition of this art form.

As one half of one of the world’s leading light graffiti outfits (this guy’s words, not ours), Fotorater’s founder Marc Cameron has had the good fortune to not only witness, but be involved with the rapid growth in popularity of light graffiti in recent years.

Cameron and Mark Brown’s Light Graffiti Cars have received widespread media coverage, appearing on the Daily Telegraph, Top Gear, Jalopnik, MSN, and the Daily Mail – racking up millions of website hits during the past three years. And the light graffiti artists who we’ve featured on Fotorater, already incredibly successful in their own right, have had the articles we wrote about them promoted by Ashton Kutcher (we salute you, Mr Kutcher!). The response from his millions of fans was overwhelming. Light painting is clearly more popular than ever before.

This coming together of pioneers in the field of light painting will be the largest exhibition of its kind the world has everseen – a hybrid of images and live demonstrations that will blow your mind. The date and venue for this event, set to be launched in the late summer, will be announced in a month’s time.

If you would like to sponsor the event, get involved, or you’re a PR house who would like to work with us to generate publicity for the exhibition, please contact Marc Cameron at :

Fighting cancer

Along with showcasing the work of the world’s leading light graffiti artists, we want to use this exhibition as an opportunity to raise funds for cancer charities.

A couple of Fotorater’s friends have been afflicted by cancer in the past year, bringing home the reality of the impact this disease has on the individual and those who are close to them. We’d like to contribute a percentage of funds, raised via ticket sales, towards charities who are helping to fight cancer.

If you have any suggestions for beneficiaries, e-mail: