ILOTT Vintage Argus C3 Colormatic

Bored of the aesthetic of contemporary digital SLRs? Is the fancy Ferrari-inspired Hasselblad not to your liking? Fancy a camera that’s a real blast from the past and will test your photography skills to the max? Then ILOTT Vintage might have just what you’re looking for.

US-based camera retailer ILOTT Vintage’s reason for being is to restore vintage rangefinder cameras, which they then use to shoot pictures that they can put on display in their own gallery. And the good news is that they also put these cameras on sale, meaning you can own a fully refurbished retro camera that will bring out the real photographer in you.

All of ILOTT’s cameras function with clockwork mechanisms, and there’s no need for a battery or a power cable. Moreover, they all utilise 35mm film, meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune on getting the pictures processed. Nice.

Here’s some further insight to what ILOTT do: “Rather than re-apply the old leathers when we are done we use premium quality real wood veneer sealed with Danish oil, cut and tailored specifically to each camera to give it an exclusive, elegant appearance, and a new lease of life. The veneer is durable and makes each camera totally unique.” Be still our beating hearts!

For us, it sounds like walking into ILOTT Vintage must be the photographic equivalent of when Daniel- San first walked into Miyagi’s backyard and saw all of those amazing vintage cars. Only the presence of Elisabeth Shue casually flicking through an ILOTT camera range catalogue could make that experience any better. Dreamy.

But, in all seriousness (because we’re serious people, right), though we’re huge fans of the digital revolution, we’re also advocates of doing photography the traditional way. It’s how we learned our trade, and we believe that it should continue to be embraced despite the constant technological advances in camera-making, which is why we love the thoroughly commendable work ILOTT is doing. ILOTT, we salute you!

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