Butterflies (c) TigTab 2012

By now you may have figured out that we have an insatiable appetite for all things light-graffiti-related. After weeks of therapy (Was it the neon fashion we wore as children in the early ’90s? We may never know), we thought we’d got a grip on it, but then we stumbled across TigTab’s magical light paintings, and we just had to bring them to your attention.

Many of the light painting photographers we’ve featured in the past opt for free hand to create their images, but for pinpoint accuracy and truly stunning results, Australia-based photographer TigTab (it’s a she, that’s all we know. Very Banksy-esque) uses handcrafted light stencils.

To achieve such impressive results, TigTab utilises a light stencil that is comprised of the “stencil image and something to contain the light while you shoot that image”. Apparently anything from a shoe box to a portable soft box will do the job.

TigTab’s images are so pretty and magical and life-affirming, that viewing them may bring a tear to your eye (it’s OK, it happened to us). And there’s even an image called “Global Light Bats”. Truly monumental! Check out the pictures below.

And if you want to see more if TigTab’s work, as long as find out how she creates such fantastic images, visit her Flickr page here: flickr.com/tigtab/

Kodama Party (c) TigTab 2012

Flow (c) TigTab 2012

Fluttering Through (c) TigTab 2012

The Butterflies Strike Again! (c) TigTab 2012

Butterflies (c) TigTab 2012Be Free! (c) TigTab 2012

WTF? (c) TigTab 2012

Turtles (c) TigTab 2012

Dandelions (c) TigTab 2012

Tangled Web (c) TigTab 2012

Floating By (c) TigTab 2012

Global Light Bats (c) TigTab 2012

Secret Garden (c) TigTab 2012