Polaroid Z2300

If you look at it from the front onwards, you could easily mistake the Z2300 Instant Digital Camera for being Polaroid’s very own contribution to the smartphone market. But, unlike Microsoft and Google, who have both taken footsteps into new markets during the past fortnight, Polaroid is sticking to what it became famous for – producing instant cameras. Though, with a modern twist, on this occasion.

The 10 megapixel Z2300′s contemporary aesthetic is coupled with a 3 inch LCD screen for viewing images, which can either be edited and uploaded to social media platforms, or printed out as full colour 2×3 inch prints, courtesy of an integrated printer with ZINK technology. As photography traditionalists, we’ll take the latter option, thank you very much.

Polaroid invented instant photography, and for the past 75 years the brand has been synonymous with instant gratification, ease-of-use and fun,” says Polaroid President Scott W. Hardy.

“The Z2300 represents the next step in the evolution of that proud tradition and it was designed to fully integrate the classic Polaroid instant photography experience into today’s digital, social world. Portability, creative expression and the ability to share your most memorable moments in digital or print form all come standard in the Polaroid Z2300 camera’s compact body,”  he added.

Available in either black or white, the Z230o will retail for a price of around £102 ($159.99) when it hits the market in August.