‘Supremely dedicated’ would be the appropriate way to describe anyone who takes a photograph of themselves every day for a period of five years, in order to show the world how their physical appearance has transformed over that period of time. Which is exactly what Mike (we don’t know his last name), or Thisnomyp, as he’s known on You Tube, did. Some might call it madness. Others might say it’s a waste of time. We call it art!

Of course, this has been done before, but Mike has a lot more fun with the process, changing his haircut/facial hair and capturing himself in a variety of positions, rather than just face on to the camera. And the thumping soundtrack, Jump Man by Buckethead, gives Mike’s effort a little more edge than other people’s attempts to document the evolution of their appearance.

Given that we here at Fotorater.com live busy lives, we can’t even begin to imagine the level of commitment required to pull this off, which is why we salute Mike for his commendable efforts. Check out his metamorphosis in the video, aptly named “Jump Man”, below: