The compelling imagery of award-winning fine art photographer Michael Marten will be on show in London 26-30 September.

Since 2003 London-based Marten has focused his attentions on landscape photography, producing a unique body of work documenting the tides all around the coast of Britain.

‘Sea Change’ features a series of before-and-after pictures that showcase how dramatic tidal change can be. The project has been nine years in the making, with Marten traveling the length and breadth of the UK to capture “identical views at high and low tide” – usually six or eighteen hours apart.

The results are breathtaking, especially as the two images, when laid side-by-side, truly highlight the radical transition between the tides. Salmon fishery, Solway Firth is a fine example of this – at low tide in the afternoon a barren beach stretching as far as the eye can see, at high tide the next morning a fury of storm waves.

The book, Sea Change – A Tidal Journey Around Britain,¬†has 53 diptychs in total. Marten’s pictures are the perfect hybrid of fine art and documentary photography, presenting the audience with both a visual feast and the challenge to identify the multiple changes brought to the landscape by the metamorphosis of the tide.

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Perranporth, Cornwall. 28 and 29 August 2007. High water 6pm, low water 11:20am.


Perranporth, Cornwall. 29 and 30 August 2007. Low water 12 noon, high water 8pm.


Severn Bridge, Monmouthshire. 8 and 9 March 2008. Low water 2:30pm, high water 8:20am.


St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall. 25 and 26 June 2009. Low water 1:15pm, high water 8am.


Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall. 25 and 31 August 2007. High water 4:30pm, low water 2pm.


Cuckmere Haven, Sussex. 12 August 2006. Low water 9:15am, high water 2:50pm.


Staithes, Yorkshire. 14 September 2004. Low water 9:45am, high water 4:30pm.


Harbour, Berwickshire. 22 August 2005. Low water 11am, high water 6pm.


Dwyryd estuary, Gwynedd. 16 and 17 October 2008. Low water 5.10pm, high water 11:10am.


Flamborough, Yorkshire and 28 September 2007. High water 5:00pm, low water 11:45am.

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