Ferrari F70 Concept

The next Ferrari Flagship, son of the Enzo, grandson of the F50, and great-grandson of the F40, is due to be revealed towards the end of this year. But so far nobody outside the Ferrari hive has any accurate idea of how the car – speculatively called the F70 – actually looks. And that’s thanks to some particularly bulky camouflage which completely covers the test mules every time they see daylight.

Still, the lack of information only serves to heighten the intrigue surrounding the car. For some it’s just too much and they’ve snapped. Not prepared to wait for the official reveal they’ve decided to go ahead and design the car themselves. One such man is David Williams, a designer from Sydney, Australia.

Williams’ F70 supercar concept is an impressive piece of digital artwork which not only looks good, it also neatly matches Ferrari’s lineup of current cars.

 The Ferrari F70 concept looks particularly good from the rear 3/4 angle where the car really shows off its mid-engine configuration to the greatest effect. Those engine louvres look fantastic flanking the long, thin rear window. While the lateral air intakes, one just behind the front wheels and the other just ahead of the rear wheels, look beautifully judged. The front end looks like an evolutionary progression of the Enzo. And that’s no bad thing either.

Ferrari could do a lot worse than this…